Hello from New York

Construction of the Freedom Tower

Construction of the Freedom Tower

It has taken me two weeks but my blog is finally up and running. I moved from Seattle to New York two weeks ago for many reasons but I will touch on the three main ones. The reasons that I moved from Seattle to New York are:

  1. My girlfriend lives in New York
  2. I was unsatisfied with the direction of my career
  3. I wanted to explore the “greatest city in the world”

I met my girlfriend 10 months ago in Las Vegas. I know what you’re thinking, typically people don’t go to Las Vegas to find love and neither did I. It was one of the craziest experiences of my life but at the end of the weekend I stepped onto the plane with four new friends from New York, one of them being my girlfriend. Shortly thereafter we started dating but there was one problem, we lived almost 3,000 miles away from each other. The immediate solution to this problem was to fly back and forth as much as possible. After we each took 3 cross country trips the expenses began to add up and the conversation about a cross country move began to get more serious.

While this newfound love interest was manifesting itself in my life I was working at a job in supply chain and logistics. I was interested in international trade when I left college but I did not have exposure to what the supply chain and logistics industry was really like. The work was mostly mundane data entry and a little voice kept nagging in the back of my head, “is this what you really want to do?”. I felt like I was being under-utilized and that I would be able to do much more good in an industry and company that I was passionate about. There are more opportunities to start or advance a career in New York than arguably anywhere in the United States.

The more that I looked into the move to New York the more I became hungry to explore the city and the East Coast. I grew up in Redmond, WA and went to college at the University of Washington (30 minutes from where I grew up). After college I continued to live in Seattle while I worked. I am incredibly grateful that I was able to grow up without constant moves. Many of my friends had moved two or three times before they settled in Washington and I can only imagine that it was hard to adjust and make friends every time. Although I love Washington I had an itch to experience something different, something exciting, something new. New York provided all of those things.

All three of these reasons led me to New York and I have loved exploring my new city.


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